Organisation Structure Relating to the JMA



The Treaty sets out an institutional framework to support joint management of the JMA. It does this by establishing the following three-tiered joint administrative structure:

·         the Ministerial Council, which is established as a body composed of an equal number of Ministers appointed by Seychelles and Mauritius, will consider any matter that relates to the operation of the Treaty that is referred to it by either Contracting Party or at the request of the Commission;



·         the Joint Commission, which is responsible for establishing policies and regulations concerning activities in the JMA and overseeing the work of the Designated Authority composed of Commissioners appointed by each of the Contracting Parties. Its powers and functions are specified in an Annex to the Joint Management Treaty, and, during the first three years following the entry into force of the Joint Management Treaty, will have responsibility for designating the Designated Authority; and,


·         the Designated Authority, which will be established by the Joint Commission and will have juridical personality, is the body with day-to-day responsibility for regulation and management of activities in the JMA. Some of its powers and functions are specified in an Annex to the Joint Management Treaty. These include:


o   managing and regulating the day-to-day natural resource activities  in the JMA;


o   applying  regulations  and  giving  directions  on  all  matters  relating  to  the supervision and control of natural resource activities; and acting as a repository of all data and information pertaining to the JMA